Winding from hostel, the second home

5th of june night, My room was in total mess. Pen, books, notes left helter-skelter, papers lying on the floor, unwashed tea cups, half filled kettle, empty bottles dancing on the table, ashes on the table(kindly take note ashes of incense stick n not cigarette!!). My room was really in a bad condition. If my mom could have seen this, she would have tucked my ear really hard. But luckily dis wasn’t at home. The description above is of my hostel room. Here I happen to b the naughtiest than whot my parents will ever imagine me to be.

This condition of my room was bcz of 2 reasons: one, bcz it was exam time n second bcz of the absence of my roommate Isabel who will never let the room become such a mess.

I was placing all the things right one by one and all the thoughts pushed in the stack of my memory started popping out one by one(urghh!!! Little technical words).

Hostel-it had been very exciting from the very beginning. It provides you with a different space for living, very different from your home. And GEC hostel was not an exception in proving to be the different. Hostel means a place where you learn to live with different people, adjust with the environment; cope up with the problems n digest the stuff which we call food!! in short it helps you improve your adaptability. Bt for me along with this, hostel is more than this. It’s a place where u speak out your self, b how you want to b, do what u couldnt, & b the naughtiest as you can!! Yes that is what I did in all this 4 yrs

In the first year we were in total turmoil. Bt we soon managed to settle down. There were some abruptly rising problems of water and electricity but we soon learnt how to go along with them.

.we used to go out for walk after dinner. being FE’s though our noise used to be on the high pitch, this used to put our seniors into confusion whether we are really FE’s or??

I remember our football matches with the bottlecap near the circle. Seniors coming for walk used to find it difficult to make their way out from there as our team used to cover the full area.

We had hostel closing time at 9.30 PM. and remain out till the last minute. We used to appraise staying out after 9.30. thnxs to Reshma we once got a chance to go out as she left her cell in the garden & we were allowed to go out searching for it.

On more thing worth mentioning about my first year stay in hostel. At night I used to wake up suddenly in mid of my sleep. It was bcz of my roommate who had the habit of talking some stupid nonsense in sleep. My nights used to be really fearful.I gt relief when I changed my room the nxt year.

In the second year melitta, pradnya n vijay, people crazy like me joined the hostel. We set the hostel on fun fire. We used to hv long chitchats, do lot of mischief, play, imitate professors and do lots of stuff. But late night chats were not supported so melitta n me had to move either to my room which was indeed very small or the terrace. I remember that time meliita had her old cell which luckily had FM , so that we could listen to music while we completed our stupid copy-paste work(ie. Assignments & expts.).Our talks used to start on 1 topic n end on such a topic which had no damn relation with the first!!

It was during the second year that Shakir organized Happenings. It was bcz of him tht we could hv JAL in our college. That ws real magical night for us. From tht night JAL songs became our MANTRAS n Pradnya’s cell wz the power station 4 it.

Sometimes we used to hv guests in our hostel like Miss GK(Gauri) 4 reasons of completing assignments or studying for IT’s. The reasons were just reasons to stay in hostel bt nt to b worked out. When she used to b there our masti n mischiefs used to reach the heights. I do hv a proof for this.

Prof. X was staying in our down flats. One sunny day his wife had put shengdanas in the sun on the terrace.Unluckily we had nothing to serve our guest Miss GK. So we thought of an idea. We brought not 1, 2 but 3 handful’s of shengdans from the terrace down to our flat without dropping a single one on the way. Bt it wasn’t much fruitful bcz half of them got burnt while frying. Bt still it ws a mixture of mishief n fun.

It was third year nw. Miss GK, I mean Gauri shifted from the boring Bori to the hostel. Thus the 3 idiots started staying 2gether in the new building ( again on the 3rd floor as for the past 2 years). It was in this two years in the new hostel that we made the max masti, mischief, adventures n made tones of memories to b carried for our lives.

Let it be council election times, ganesh visarjan, tandav, dandiya, happenings, waves n all we were there everywhere enjoying it all the more.

Studying for IT’s was real exciting and breathtaking, not bcz it ws day before studying bt bcz it wz jst an hour b4 studyin. I remember one of our IT day mel n me came 2 hostel 4m home n we literally slept keeping alarm at 9.15 since IT was at 9.30. That day I dnt knw why we were badly feeling sleepy.

One year passed like nothing n we reached the final year. It ws decided to enjoy this year to the most fullest under the banner of “this is for the last time yaar!!”. Along with all those fun events many new activities were also tried. Example climbing the windmill. It ws really breathtaking bt an awesome experience. The view 4rm the top is really beautiful. Visits to ITI, sunset point I(discovered by Bharadwaj), sunset point II(discovered by Gauri and me) became very frequent. Then came the exam time, the study holidays. We took sanyas from home and surrendered our self to the hostel n the mess food. It ws the time 2 study, time so tough, nt bcz we had to study bt bcz we had to fight against our damn loving sleep!!

Isabel n me helped each other 2 fight against it. She used to keep an alarm to wake up early in the morning bt never used to put it off herself. It used to ring 4-5 times. Then I used to start searching 4 her cell. After the failed attempt I used to wake her up to put it off since I wanted to sleep more. n this is how our day used 2 start. The whole day used to pass in taking breaks, chatting, going for walks, listening to music and waiting 4 the time to move on to the mess for food. We used 2 plan that we will study for 1 hour n hv a break of 10mins. My morning1st hour used to pass sometimes like this-lukin at the syllabus copy 4 a long time, then deciding what 2 study, then goin through the question papers to check wt is more impt in the topic.

Then at night in my flat there used 2b only 2 owls studying-siddhi and me, as Apeksha n Isabel both used to give up the fight n sleep early. We both warriors used 2 still b in the battlefield. By 11.0 I used to start dozing, 2 keep myself alive I used splash water on my eyes again n again. At such moments Siddhi used to b my inspiration. Her eyes used to turn red bt still determined to stay awake. And if nothing used to work then it was our tea at hand to help us out.

Days and nights passed and came the day of our last paper. It was the last paper of our engineering career. Siddhi and me decided to study the most , so we stayed awake till 4 in the morning(most of the time I was dozing but). The day ws thrilling, paper gt over n we burst fire crackers to show up our happiness. We enjoyed the evening, went 2 the sunset point, had our dinner out, watched movies..

And then it was night a I was packing my bag, all the thoughts came to my mind n so what is I wrote all the above few words;-);-)