wt say abt dis?

Sometimes it feels so perfect:-)

When the radio/fm plays the right track
that speaks out the feelings in your heart:-)

When you really miss someone and that person calls up
saying “oye m missing you yaar!”:-)

when you want to cry and the one who gives his shoulder to you
is the one you really desire:-)

When you are waiting for your college bus
and suddenly your crush offers you a lift!!:-)

when you have not done the work given to you by your khadoos sir
and it just happens thathe is absent!!:-)

sounds so perfect na??
but what about this?

when you try to work a machine it doesnt work,
and when you complain to sir it works better than ever..:-(

while planning for a semester paper you leave 2-3 topics
since they never came in the past papers,
and the great thing happens when you see that in your paper!!:-(