just a buzz…

Silence- that’s what it is right now going on in life.
Silence of thoughts.
Silence of words.
There is a sort of emptiness and blankness.
Its not like m standing at a point where there are many roads and I have to choose one.
But its like m in the ocean. There is no defined path that I m supposed to follow. Its just water everywhere and I have to sail myself to the destiny.
Life is becoming empty.
Is it because its soon going to fill up with new people and new things?
There is lot of free time for me.
Is it for me to enjoy the time now, as I have busy schedules waiting for me?

I really don’t know what all these things mean.

One of my good friends told me that life is the way you take it. If you feel its complicated then yes it is. And if you feel its simple then yup its rather simple.
So let’s take life as simple and choose simple answers to the complicated questions.
With the series of bad luck following in job hunt m losing myself day by day.
May be this loser feeling of mine is going to increase the worth of winning some good fortune in coming days.
Its becoming darker and darker.
May be this is to make the ray of hope, which will come soon, shine brighter.
I feel as if m lost somewhere. I’m on the edge about to fall.
May be someone will find my lost self soon and we will fly over the edge.

Its all about MAY BE, don’t know what WILL BE. So right now m just in the darkness, preparing myself to move on when the ray of light shows up.
Try, hope and pray that’s what all it is right now.

I m lost,
Show me the way.
Get me the words,
I don’t know what to say.

Nothing I can see,
Come and be my light.
M scared I will fall,
Do hold me tight……