Just thoughts…

Its been really long time i have updated my blog.

I don’t have much to put up,but still simply putting up these collection which got collected over a period of time ever since the last post.

Attachments-its like 2 ppl holding on to a rope on both sides.
They are its best when the rope is held tightly, as in they are attached to each other strongly.
but its bad when the hold on the rope becomes loose.
It worsens when its just you still holding on to it, when the person on the other end has already left it and moved on.
Assumptions-they make you world real, may it be a fake world.But the world makes your dreams true.
You act an as analyst,analysing the things you see. Whatever you see may be real or not.
But you take it your way, the way you think it should be.And you start making assumptions.
Linking the things as per your likes and make your own story line.
Damn!! the story has no meaning in the real world.But you stil love it.
Assumptions fade away when the reality comes into picture and your picture starts going blur.
You accept the reality, the truth, but in the backend of your mind the picture is still clear, just for you to have a look when you happen to turn back.Just for fun though..:-P