Enimity and Envy

The unintentional uni-invited Enemies!! 
They exist all over the world, in every hook and nook.
So why wonder when you suddenly find one for you in your college, in your community or at your work place?
You must feel good to have them around! thinking why I’m saying so?well to find the answer, keep reading further.
They are your enemies not because of the BAD in you, but infact cause of the GOOD in you!!
The Goodness that makes you better than the rest! 

So feel special to have it with you!!

They are very much interested in knowing whats going on in your life. For you it might not be anything great going on, but for them, yes ( hmmm probably they dont have a life of their own,or your life must be just too good for them to dig into! )
So? whohoo! your  life story is interesting! Make it more interesting and mysterious for them, let them go crazy and you keep rocking and enjoying!

They want to screw your happiness! why? Because they are jealous! why? cause you are happy! your life is just too gud, you have some things in life that they desire to have in theirs! You live a life that they dream to.

So? Feel special! Feel blessed! cause you have something that someone envies to have! 

And no worries!if they are behind your happiness! Because as no one can make you happy rather than you, the same way no one can take it away from you other than you indeed! 

So Be HAPPY and let the world burn down into jealousy!! yeay!!