Wake up buzzz

Seems like I have become too lazy..
The last blog was in August 2011 and one before that was in December 2010.doh!!
That sounds too bad, is’nt it?
Its times to get a little active! and follow the passion for a while!!
Working in an IT industry realy leaves you tired at the day-end everyday!! and you restlessely wait for the friday(TGIF),though TGIF refers to those working on MNCs, what applies to me is TGIS!
and then the saturday day-end comes, to give a kick start to the rocking sunday.
Sunday starts and ends in a fraction of second, when you are high time enjoying the only day of relief!
and then again comes monday  and the cycle starts.
But now its time to realy work through on your passion along with your career..and so will I do the same now, and hey reader! even you do!
So looking forward to writing a blog soon.
Till then happy living! 🙂