Be your own inspiration..

At downtimes, when we are broken shattered and in miserable pain, we seek for a shoulder to cry, someone to share the pain with, someone to console us and give advice…

But the reality is that, you are all self sufficient at such times.
Cause you have experienced the pain.. the misery and the trouble.

And so you are the one who can give advice to yourself,wipe your own tears,make yourself stronger..

There are very few people who can understand you well and among those few you are the best 1 to understand your own problems, your feelings…

So next time when you are down or broken down along the paths to life, don’t wait for that some1 else to wipe your tears, get up on your own feet, wipe your own tears, smile and say to yourself “I’m strong enough!”

Be your own yourself and feel peace! m/