Disability of mind and not body

1.5 hours travel, seems to be and indeed yes it is so damn sucky at times.

When you end up standing the whole way to your destiny (I mean destination! No philosophy here: P), I usually tend to complain P.S. In my mind.

Damn!! M so tired.

My legs are hurting.

No strength! God have mercy!!

And blah blah blah.

But that day an incident changed my thinking.

I was in bus,standing, listening to music and trying to balance myself on my two legs and both the hands clutching for support. With every jerks of the bus I was screaming (within myself, mad or what to scream literally? :-P)

And for a moment I caught sight of an old poor lady sitting on the front seat of the bus, off window seat. There she had no support to hold on to. She used her left hand, took it over her left shoulder and clutched the seat. And her right hand, which she had only up to her elbow, with that hand she was holding her tiny ragged bag.

Her ability out of the disability moved me at that very instant.

I had no words.

I felt great respect for the woman!!

A feeling of gratefulness superseded all complains which were occupying my mind.

I felt grateful for the two legs on which I weigh my whole body.

I felt thankful to my hands for holding on when I happen to fall down with the jerks.

We often complain about the things we don’t possess in life, about the disability to do what we want to do.

But rather than complaining we should be grateful to what we have, grateful to the structure and shape we are in.

We should have the will and determination to do what we can and explore the incredible ability which lies within us.

Ability-disability is in our thinking, in our mind and our thoughts and not our body.

So explore your abilities that will win over all the disabilities within you.