Risk Factor

Sometimes in life we wait for the rite time.We often say
“let the time come”
“it will happen when the right time comes”
          Or sometimes
“I need some more time, m not ready at the moment”

But its not about waiting! Its all about stepping out!
And making it happen! Right now! In this life itself.
Your one and only life..cause punarjanm isn’t promised..:-P
You will never be ready for the moment, or as they say the “perfect  moment”. It will never come up to your door and do knock knock and say 
“hey dude come over, this is the time to act”

No!! the time to act is right now. 
To start your chase, to follow your dreams, to do what you want to do.

To live the life of ur dreams..fulfill your desires.
 Cause if you wait..babes! its never gonna happen.

I know what you gonna say now! 
All the above talk, Looks like its been taken from some book or collected from some quotes on Facebook, Pinterest or whatsoever sources over the world wide web.

Yes, they are kind of. 😛

Hey!! But right now that’s the summary of what I experienced recently and which has become a part of my philosophy talks. 
Anyways getting back on the topic now.

Living a safe life never helps.

For what you dream of, you need to chase it, try for it.

If you are one among “the lucky” people, things might be easy for you. But if you are one of my kind, you will fail. Once twice thrice or may be “n” no of times. But gather all your strength and give it one more shot with all you might.

Cz sitting back won’t let you get what you want.

If you give up and go back to a life you never love to live, oh Dear, I bet you! At the edge of your life span, you will regret for the time you refused to get up and try one more time.

The life pictured in your mind, which you dreamt of, which you saw with your closed eyes and open eyes as well, where you saw yourself doing what you love to, following your passion, making your life count; that picture will haunt you and make your innermost heart feel the guilt of being so weak of not trying when you had enough strength to make that picture a reality!

So realize it now, and chase your dreams. Make them happen.

And for all this what you need to do is “RISK”! Yeah I know..I wrote so much above and now I came on the real topic..:-D

RISK- is to say NO.
To a life that you don’t like to live,
a life that is not what you see in your dreams,
a life where you can’t do what you are best at or what you wanna do.

And to say YES to a life where you find yourself loving whatever you do. Having a sense of inner peace. A feeling of ecstatic.

So risk it, step out from the safe abode; and walk through the dark woods with the light of hope, faith and the fire of passion burning in your heart.

It’s the time then when you will taste all the flavours of life along your journey out of the woods.

The walk though won’t be easy. 
You will stumble on the rocky path, behold your walk with strength.

You might get drowned in the water on the way..swim across with courage.

You will get lost along the path..don’t despair..find a way again.

For the hurdles on the way are to test you..test your commitment. Measure the degree of your strength.

It’s just like any exam that we answer at college..

Write down something.

If you know then cool

If you don’t, still write down any crap you know, but don’t leave it blank.

Cause sometimes not just the quality counts but the quantity too. That’s what I understood while answering my BE sem paper.

Anyways back to the point. Il put it in simple plain clear without any poetic philosophical touch

“Say no to what you dislike and go for what you want in life”

That’s it.

That what I realized and summed up, as even I went through the same! Risked a life which I was so not happy to live..gave up on a job and a well set smooth safe life…stood in middle of nowhere. Jumped to a place where nothing felt familiar.stumbled..got drowned..but got up and Made a way through the dark woods. And today here I stand in the city I always wanted to be.

Nah I’m not bragging! Believe me! See I wrote so much less about me! Trust me! There will be so many people around who will have far more tougher stories then mine..so..

The whole point of writing this is to give a message to those who want what they want but aren’t going after it and feeling sad, demoralized and negative.

People tell them 
“abbey try toh kar..aise baithke todhe hi kuch hona hai” 
But they fear the failure..

Guys! Get up! Take the risk! Make it happen..and then write up a bhashan full of your philosophy-life talks just as I did! Bwahahaha!


OK enough for now! felt good writing after a decade like..but hope to put up on this blog now more often than before.!:)