You Have My Heart!!

Leaving home wasn’t so easy as I taught it will be..

Getting away from the place you were born and brought up. The place where you grew up, from your childhood to teen and teen to adulthood.

That waking up from the familiar bed, seeing the colored walls. Getting ready in your room..seeing yourself in the mirror and asking your mom or sibling how u look.

Eating mom made breakfast and hurrying up to leave..n your mom screaming behind cause you didn’t finish wt was in your plate.

Rushing on your bike or catching up the bus. Seeing some familiar faces on the way…smiling..exchanging greetings..somebody asking wellness of your parents or family.

And after 8 hrs work when you come back home seeing someone waiting for you back home..your parents asking you “ayz late kidyak jalo? 8 jali palay”

Having dinner with your family…where your bro takes your case, always criticizes the food u cook..just to bug you…

The times when u want to catchup with your friends after office hours..and you call up home n tell..”ayz matshe kaam khup asa late jatlo ghara pavpak”

Oh!! And the list will just go on and on…

But here now..away from home…there ain’t anyone waiting for you back at your one to worry for you if you get need to make excuses to stay out late or if you wanna have your dinner out…

No one to scold you for being late to wake up..for not having your breakfast…

When you get ready n leave for are like just another stranger in the crowd of strangers. Hardly will you find any face to smile at. To your rescue till office is your iPod or music player…and yeah the smart-phone that connects you with your loved ones around the globe.

And yeah this is it, so many things missing out here. But so many other stuffs new that had not been there before….that many opportunities to pick up…

But still at the end of the day this Goan heart longs for the place called “gharr”, sipping the “khuti chav” in the balcaon with mom, watching TV with family, fights with brother, playing with the cat, pasoy in the garden, bike’cher ek favt in the Bicholim market..Long bike rides to Panjim via Ribander ferry to catch up with friends on Sundays.

Wherever I may go, how-much-ever luxuries and exciting life I get, this heart still beats and longs for you!
Goa you have my heart for FOREVER