Lights off!

Lights off!!

Dark night..half moon..cold sand..ravishing waves of the beach..and a walk does that sound?

again 1 more..dark night..5th floor, terrace..12am..your bf/gf or your bff and long talks or may me something else that you can imagine..

another one..home..dining table..some classy menu..candle light..and just she and you..

well all the above scenes sound so cool and yea they are cool in real too..

But listen to this 1…

time:Monday to Sunday
place: Your rented apartment with roomies
situation:no lights
OMG feeling, ain’t it? no lights, everything is fridge tubes..everything..cook and eat and sleep in the dark..and do nothing cause its isn’t possible practically,except just sit and talk to eternity

This ain’t a cool idea but it happened in reality
And for a whole damn week 🙁

candle light cooking, candle light dinner,candle light bath, candle light talks till 2 in the night and later a non-candle light sleep.

tho it was totally freaking us out but the late night talks rocked!
Thanks to my Roommates!!
we discussed and spoke on varied topics, philosophy, friendship, understanding, hypnotism, meditation, positive life..and what not.

usually when the lights are on, there are so many things to do rather then just sit and concentrate on what you going through and talk about and share your ideas & beliefs…

this full week gave us a better view of each others thinking and a happy realization that you aren’t the only one facing the trivial situations.

talking all this stuff, till late 2am..felt so good!
but soon did the lights came(soon means after 8 days long though) and we were put back to the normal routines that we followed with lights on, yeah 😀

As written in the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” we do feel relieved after talking out our problems( though it wont lend us to any solution), and that’s what this “lights off” week did to us! so yeah! thanks for it! 😀