A toast to my year old life in Pune, and to New Life & new People

Ever since my college time I had been waiting for “this” life to start, college years, then 2.8yrs of working in Goa.
And now here I m feeling good about completing 1 year in Pune!

I still get goosebumps, Something I was thinking lately that its hard to be real, is very much real now.

A step towards Pune last year marked a total transition to my life. And now what I see is a total different me here 🙂 
Thanks to this place, Pune for giving me what I always longed for. A professional life at its best, confident and independent women that I m now, and explorer, adventurer, wanderer in this big city, my life, my ways, my freedom, my aspirations. And my new friends in this place, Gayatri, Neha, shameen who made the journey till date worth cherishing. And Not to forget my oldie my newbie in the city and my bestie from ages Gauri, for being there for me always! 

For most of the people out here this sound cheesy or silly, as there are thousands of Goan’s here in Pune, and thinking “whatissogreataboutthis”. But for me it wasn’t just a place but a step out from “where I was and what I was” to be “where I am supposed to be and what I m now”.
No lengthy talk and thanks tho, closing it down! cheers!