How will it be back home?

Its 7.30am and I’m still lying on my bed. By now bro and mom must be already awake and busy with their daily chaos.
Bro will be here and there. Mom must be wondering what to make for breakfast..

Its 10am and I’m on my way to office. Mom must be either doing house chores or just lying down if she is tired.

Its 4.30pm in the evening, I’m at the coffee machine filling my cup with cappuccino. Mom must be in the kitchen, with the black tea boiling in the vessel on gas stove, with her eyes stuck outside the window, lost in thoughts.

Its 6pm now, and I’m counting minutes to move out of office. Mom might be either out for a walk or sitting in the verandah lost in her own thoughts.

Mom, though we always say she is weakest, but deep inside, this lady, she is the strongest.
With her one daughter living across the oceans, difficult to catch a glimpse of her.
Another daughter married and busy in her new life.
And me, miles away, exploring her new life and horizons.

She never let me stop from going out into this strange and unknown world. We don’t see each other often, its the voice we hear over the phone.

She cant ask me now what to make for breakfast, what to cook for lunch, or wait for me to cook the dinner.

I’m not there to enjoy with her the taste of black tea on a Sunday evening.

I’m not there to take the remote and put on fox traveler, and make her miss the daily soaps, and to ask her to watch them during day time when I’ll be in office.

Hmm..Life! Its so changed now. Now its all about vacations that take you home and fit into the timetable of you and your mom. And no more like forever together, being home, being with your family, being with the people that love you, no matter what…nothing more, just a silent pause…