The sudden strokes of realizations

“Happy realization!” that’s what we usually shout out loud when 1 of our friends finally accepts or realizes what we had been trying them to understand from may be quite a long time.

Realizations-they can’t merely happen just by a subtle words of conversations with a well wisher, or minute visuals which we get in daily life. Sometimes it needs us to go through a tough time of downfall, failure, depressions, fights,even a lone silent 10 minutes or may be any form of emotion.

The truth is there already proven as a fact somewhere deep inside subconscious part of our brain. But our conscious, delicate heart doesn’t want to say that its the truth. We still pretend to be ignorant and live with unreal feelings. Feelings that keep ourselves in the comfy comfort zone.

But how long can we live that way? There is an end for every unreal thought that exist in our mind. And those are strokes of realization.
We often live thinking that we have lot of time with us.
But the reality is we all have a limited amount of time. And we need to take absolute advantage of the minutes ticking away.
Let go of the dramas of life. Let go of the barriers that hold you in your comfort zone. Let go of the shackles of unreal thoughts. And get hold on to the time and move along with it. Knowing what you are, and what you got to do what this time-frame you are given as a living being.

So if you aren’t a “realized” being I hope you soon get a stroke of realization. and may your well-wishers gladly say this to you “Happy Realization” 😉