what am I doing here?

Often in life we stumble upon a pit of question marks to which we find tough to get answers.
Everything seems distorted at the given point of time.
This kind of situations must have occurred in your past. And to this you must have already found the way out.
Basically it is like those cloudy mountains. when seen from a distance everything appears hazy, but the moment you reach closer to it, you can see the beauty and serenity beyond the haziness.
Same goes with our life situations.
Situations can be about family, career decisions, relationships.
You tend to think why I’m here? what is it that I have to do to get out of this? what I’m supposed to do?

Well well I’m certainly not writing this article to tell you what you are supposed to do. cause m ain’t a counselor you see, Just a person like you. I too get struck with such situations every now and then. I feel the confusion for that moment. But once we are gone ahead of it and cleared everything, looking back at that situation appears so funny and stupid.
So basically its all about the confusion that you got to enjoy, even if you do some mistakes during that time, somehow you are meant to do them, that’s how you lead to destiny.
PS I’m not any huge believer of fate but that concept of destiny and how 1 situation 1 reaction leads to another just startles me.
So for now whichever confusion conflict you facing keep calm dude cause just a matter of time and you will sail out of it like a victorious captain. 🙂