For Coffee Lovers, Tea lovers too can have a quick read



Continents…Countries…states…religion…tribes…caste….skin color…
Humanity is divided based on all the above.
Along with this, there is something more important: Tea person and Coffee person

And considering me! I’m hell ya a coffee person 😀
Nothing can set me in a high productive mood than a mug full of hot coffee.
And cold coffee is the best to lift up my sinking mood.
For the past years I had been a fan of coffee just as a drink, the way it affects my mood and thinking.
But my perspective towards coffee changed a lot after I read this book “Coffee Wisdom: 7 Finely-Ground Principles for Living a Full-Bodied Life” by Theresa Cheung.

This books introduces you to a superb relation between life and Coffee.

Theresa Cheung shows readers how the pleasures of coffee growing, making and drinking parallels 7 principles for better living:

1. Reheating causes bitterness. Your past is the reason, not the excuse.
2. Start with fresh grounds. Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them.
3. Use the correct grind. Put right what you can and accept what you can’t.
4. Use high-quality beans and fresh, pure, cold water. Celebrate your uniqueness.
5. Get the proportions right. Challenge irrational thinking.
6. Boiling destroys the flavor. Check your stress levels.
7. Drink it while its hot. Live in the present.

This is a book worth reading for coffee lovers and also tea lovers. Who knows as you read this book you might fall for Coffee 😉