Be your own sunshine


How often do we look out for motivation, appreciation from the outside world?
How often do we seek love and care from an individual other than ourselves?
Many times.
In reality though, the actual reservoir for all this is not outside but within our own soul.

We can read many inspirational stories but the real energy will come from within.
Looking out for all the things you want and deserve is simply putting the key to your happiness in someone else’s hands. Opening the door to happiness then simply depends on their personal choice.
Rather than doing this why not open the door with our own hands and give our soul what it deserves?

So what shall we do to shine bright and be our own light? the below!

Before loving someone else and expecting others to love you, You need to love and accept the person you are.
Appreciate your reflection you see in the mirror every day. Smile, and do all that you can to show love and care for yourself.
This amazing action of self-love will open several doors of joy in your life.

You may be short or extra tall, fair or dusky skinned, straight buns or curly; but you are a unique piece.
Try to improve but never try to change who you are.
Making improvements shows the desire to excel but attempts to change who you are shows non-acceptance of your own being.
The first and foremost thing one needs to do is accept yourself. All the good and bad you possess, your best part, your flaws. Accept it, because this is all that defines you.


Stop comparison:
The worst thing that you can do to you is to compare yourself with someone else.
No two people have life journey, situation and fate which are alike. Every person has its own piece of story to live.
You have no idea how one’s life will change the next moment. Go by the famous saying “Everything is Temporary”
happiness or sorrow, it will pass with time. So in your life’s sine wave, don’t compare the lower curve with higher curve of someone else’s.

Be your own priority:
Priority! Has a great impact on one’s life. This is very much important to grow to greater heights in life.
And what can be more important than your own self?
By saying this I don’t mean to say that your family and friends are not so important. Every person has their equal importance. But if you don’t give importance to yourself or don’t keep yourself happy or  don’t look after your own self, how would you be able to keep someone else happy?
In a whole day we do several things which might be unnecessary or might be of least importance considering the current moment. Learn to differentiate between the least and most important task of your day and act accordingly.
And also important, learn to say “No” when it is required. It will save a lot of time and energy for you that you can utilize in places which need a real time “Yes”.

Never give up on your dreams:
No matter where you are now, no matter how tough it seems, keep moving towards the fulfillment of your dreams. Your dreams and ambitions in life are the entities that define you.
The famous saying
“The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”
is a lot of motivation. The small step that you take today towards your dream will turn out to the best decision you ever took.
The people around, your loved ones, or just the known ones might discourage you. But remember that every person is for themselves. What they speak of comes from their own views and experiences. But you know what your dreams mean to you and what your experiences have taught you.
So no matter what the external forces are, keep the inner force on and keep moving!

So this much enough for now, I shall wind up but hey reader! be motivated, happy and keep the sun shining bright 😀