My top 10 motivational power pack songs

What is a panic moment?
For me to give an example, it is when I step out of my building, get into the cab, put my hand in the bag to grab earphones, and! I don’t find them there.

Yes! Cause I want to be on with my music all the time and when I can’t, my mind just doesn’t work.
May it be jogging, way to office, or when I’m doing an exclusive work in office, I’ll plug in my earphones and my playlist is on.
In fact right now when I’m writing this, I’m listening to JAL – Mix playlist on YouTube (Listen to JAL- mix collection)

Music for me is an integral part of my life. It is influential, inspirational, emotional, EDM or the rock to set me on fire.
Soft rock to make the night more soothing.
Recently, I’m in love with this one Fink- Looking too closely.
Music has a funny way of keeping you in sync with an emotion you feeling right now, or even to get you out of that emotion and place you on a different frequency.

Music has the immense power to change your emotional state, and I’m not throwing my own thesis on your face dude, this is backed by science totally. You can google and check. Or you can read this article will shed some light on the same.
Read about how music affects our brain

Talking about music being influential, one needs to be very careful while choosing the playlist.
I remember the times when I used to listen to Emraan Hashmi’s songs from Awaarapan, Gangster, etc. and I used to feel so damn heartbroken 😀
I used to put on rock music and it used to lead me to the boulevard of broken dreams.:D

And to be specific to say, if you are a person who feels the lyrics, the rock music will move your world. You are a “roll to the beat” person, EDM will put you in trance.

So basically you need to be very careful while you choose what you listen to. So I would like to share with you a playlist which will fill each of your day with energy, motivation and happiness.
So here we go…

Its My Life – Bon Jovi

The fighter – Gym Class Heroes

Don’t you worry child – Swedish House Mafia

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Good life – One Republic

SuperHeroes – The Script

The nights – Avicii

Best Day Of My Life – American Authors

Hall of Fame – The Script

Let it go – frozen

Well this is just to sum up the TOP 10, but my playlist goes on, may be later I shall update you guys on some more numbers. Till then breath in and let the songs take you on a happy road.