A sip of tea and old times of Bicholim

27 Dec 2016

While the world is soaked in the chaos of Christmas, weddings and anniversaries and new year’s eve plan.
While Facebook is getting flooded with checkins at resorts and hotels and Starbucks for coffee, dinners, parties and dance, selfie and groupies.
When there is so much going on around the globe, I had a tea at this place in Bicholim, a small gaddo, run by an oldie who served me the tea for just 5 bucks.
I felt like I went back to the days of my childhood, when life was simple and easy. When the tea place is not rated based on the ambiance, the color of the tables and chairs, the type of crowd and the taste of the tea and snacks.

The place is just painted blue and the tea is served in the same old traditional way.
There was a dog sleeping in the shade, there was an old lady sipping tea and having the bite of the “triangle shaped” Goan samosa and there was a small cute cat meowing near my feet, who ran away before I could click her picture.
Life was beautiful then and in certain portions of life now it is still the same old beauty of my childhood.
I wish I had the wisdom of today by then, I would have soaked myself more with all the pleasures of the by gone decade of my childhood.