The highest emotion – Trust

I’am not writing this to explain the meaning of Trust here, but I want to put forward my view about trust with regards to the life experiences I had so far.

We have our close ones, family, relatives, friends, colleagues or any sort of acquaintances with whom we spend quite a lot time of our day.

Time passes by and we develop a bond with them, a relation that we get adapted to. This plants the seed of trust in our heart. As the time goes by gradually the plant of trust flourishes.The relation becomes something we rely on, may be for love, guidance, help, trust, idealism or may be just for being there.

Basically every relation is based on certain kind of need. I don’t mean to give any selfish face to a relationship but i speak of the need to give or take love,compassion, help, guidance or just mere presence.

Well the people around us do serve us in many situations for which we should be highly grateful to them.
But there might arise situations where in you won’t see them besides you.

You won’t get the help you always had been receiving, you might be deprived of the love that always comforted you. You might lack the support that had been your backbone for the days gone by. The sudden absence of the person you had always around might kill you for a moment.

But hey, life is not a 2D picture to have only 1 view or perspective. life is beyond the 4D. It has different perception with respect to that every person who is looking at it or being there in that picture or situation.
You feel you invested your trust in the wrong place and you shouldn’t be trusting anyone probably anymore.

But well my dear, it is not that the person was not worthy or that trusting was your mistake.. You have a beautiful heart and so does the other person whom you trusted. People aren’t bad and trusting is not bad at all. Trust is a beautiful emotion just like love, rather above love. And this emotion needs to be cherished.

Situation changes which make people behave in certain way that will be appropriate for them. But that doesn’t make the emotion of trusting anyone unhealthy.

Don’t ever teach your beautiful heart not to trust someone. Trust people, love people, that is the way of living….keep watering the plant of trust in your may never know this plant may open up ways to new people, new places and new life at every turn you feel life is getting you down.