Cradled In Love

Sitting here with you, in the quite silence.
While we don’t speak,
I’m busy deciphering the words on this brown paper..
And you look away in the oblivion.
We don’t exchange words neither glances.
But I know you are there and I’m there for you.
From the time we started together,
To now, we have come this far.
We stood by each other, in every ordeal life put us up to.
Our relation endured and it grew stronger and stronger.
Though we seldom exchanged the 3 words, our Love has grown beyond that.
It is as beautiful as your smile still shining in the wrinkles.
It is as innocent as the light in my eyes looking at you through my glasses.
Love was never based on the young glow of your youth then and it is not based on your toothless smile now.
Love was purely soul based.
It was the emotion in your heart for me
And the care in your touch.
My life had been blessed by you, fateful luck by your presence, ever since I had been cradled in your Love.

P.S. The title is inspired by the song lyrics “cradled in Love” by Poets of Fall. Thanks to my friend Shameen for sharing this wonderful song with me. I’m in love with it ever since.