Shama Ke Parvane

You see her body glitter
Seeing her shine, you jitter.

She is shining bright,
Glowing in the gloomy night.

Mesmerized by her calmness,
With a blank mind, you just stare.
In a moment you fly
Towards her, in such a flare.

You reach close, feel her warmth
More closer, the blaring heat you feel.
Her burning strength and passion
Makes you almost kill.

And like the other flies
Baffled with the heat,
Of the candles light,
You turn away too..

That’s what is, Infatuation.

But, there will be some
Who will still draw near to the light.
The burning warmth, will delight them.
Turn their heart, bright.

They will watch her melt away
Till the end of the night.
Staring there, they will live or die
But they will stay, till the end of the night.

And that is, Love.