The Side effects of being an Over Achiever

Hallo Zusammen!

Wie geht es Ihnen?  (Hello All! How are you?)

Well, this was an “over-the-board” way to show you that I’m learning Deutsch. From now on I will make this sudden, quite obvious inserts of “Deutsch” in my articles.

Today I would write a letter to express my observations about “Over Achievers” or “Over Ambitious” people I have met until now. So without going around the bush with another paragraph let’s get straight to the point.

Dear Over – Achiever/Ambitious friend,

This is what you do:

    • You are always working.
    • You complete 1 level and before you rejoice you start preparing for the next level.
    • There is no time to celebrate.
    • Somehow you are never satisfied.
    • It never gets over.
    • Sometimes what you have is never enough.
    • You postpone or keep pushing your finish line.
    • You want to make the most out of every moment, every minute wasted feels like a loss sometimes.
    • Every task you start, you want to finish.

And this is what you should know:

    • At the end of the day, you achieve considerably higher than the dreamy and procrastinators.
    • Though in your eyes, you feel there is a long way to go and you haven’t achieved anything or done anything applaudable in your life, you are a great achiever(s), influencer(s) and inspiration to many.
    • Though you feel you are a rock yet to be polished, you are already a shining bright diamond in the eyes of others.

So, mein Liebe, I admire you for what you have achieved and what you are working on! I’am proud of you. <3

Yours affectionately,


P.S. Throwing in this picture of colorful leaves for some credits. Until the next time stay healthy, joyful and awesome just like me 😉