Food for the Soul

After a long vacation in India and on return lousy work week in Germany, I was waiting for the weekend like a long gone lover. It was finally there and I had decided to spend it  as “No action” weekend. 

Even then I didn’t want it to be unproductive so I decided to go for International book fest with my friend on a saturday. Though we didn’t buy any books, we ended up taking membership of the library. Smart move by the library you see? #marketing

I believe it is the only English library in Düsseldorf and has a good collection of books. If you are in Düsseldorf and are looking for english books this is the place you should visit:

So that was Saturday, went well! Then it was Sunday, half day through and we decided to go biking around Düsseldorf. It was bright & sunny though still cold, unlikely weather for November. So it felt like a good idea to step out and get on the bikes.

We with our bikes stepped out in the open sky with clear sun and chilling winds.

We went riding along the river. The evening was perfect with the sun just about to set, sun rays falling on the carpet of grass. It was like the perfect summer evening except the chilly breeze. We had a no-doubt perfect evening will lot of pictures! Instagram/facebook/whatsapp status and DP pictures sorted!

Well, the purpose of telling you about my perfect weekend isn’t “Bragging” rather to convey the importance of slowing-down and about doing things that you love, what makes you happy, what makes you’ll soul ecstatic! 

Hmm, now I can edit the blog’s title. “Food for the Soul” sounds perfect.

So! Let me begin with the wisdom drizzle!

Many a times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to slow down and relax. The fast moving (social) life appears so overwhelming that we run after our goals like anything. The everyday To-Do list keeps us pushing and the pending To Do list at the EOD pushes us harder.

After a week we are left overwhelmed, anxious and drained out of energy. In such moments, what we need is a break, to slow down the acceleration, let the “das Auto” cool down, to allow us to accelerate with high power. 

So, how do we slow down our high horsepower vehicle? Well let me explain.

I believe every person is born with a gift, a skill or better said, every person has a passion. May be you have already found it or you are still seeking. Well, if you haven’t, keep seeking, keep trying, the universe will answer you soon.

Your passion may be drawing, sketching, writing, cooking, photography, travelling, reading, painting or strumming the strings of an acoustic guitar to name a few. Please don’t say your hobby is sleeping, I will be glad to send a hard punch your way.

Everyday or every alternate day or if you are a super busy person that at least every weekend make it a priority to pursue your passion or do something that brings you joy and peace to your soul.

You may or may not be the bestest of all painters, photographers or writers but you are the bestest of yourself, remember that. So pursue the beautiful gift universe has bestowed upon you.

Also, always find some time to connect with nature, may it be watering your garden or taking a walk in a park. Connecting with nature is proven to be one of the best therapies, which I would personally recommend when you feel exhausted with everyday life. The green color of nature is scientifically validated to be soothing.

Well, my blog seems to be missing the bullet points. Let’s add some then.

  • Reading:
  • Is a good way to slow down and enter a different time realm. For me, I have always felt that time stops when I start reading and the author opens a door to his/her world for you to explore. Well, that clicks now, my next blog post should be some book recommendations for your guys! Noted!
  • Photography:
  • Is a way to shift your focus from the mind clutter onto the subject against the camera. Dive into the minute details, the hues, textures and elements in the frame of your camera.
  • Drawing/ Sketching/ Painting/ Writing:
  • This brings you to the magnetic and meditative power of paper against pen/brush/pencil. I have always felt this magic whenever I start to write. Even in this moment now when I’m doing so. I started composing this blog on my laptop due to “feasibility” reasons  however I couldn’t continue beyond a few lines. However today when I sat down with a paper and pen words started flowing magically.

 Passion, may it be any, it will be a sin not to nurture it. Your passion is your gift that serves as your identity, your uniqueness on this earth.

The subtle point of all this is to disconnect from the daily jargon, our complicated noodles of thoughts and connect with our inner self who is peaceful, calm and sorted.

The way we eat healthy food for our bodies, we need to give the “meditative time” food for our souls too. The way we go to gym to keep our bodies in shape, we also need to turn to our inner gym for some soul workout.

So, nurture your passion, pursue what brings you joy and peace. The peace within then will emanate outwards to your loved ones as well.

Then until the next blog post, stay healthy, happy, and keep moving fast/slow in your life journey!

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