Swimming – overcoming Hydrophobia 

Aquaphobia – is an irrational fear of water, specifically fear of potential consequences of entering the water (i.e., drowning).

Well you are wondering. I know! The title speaks about Hydrophobia but here I’m defining Aquaphobia to you. There is a short story behind it. I thought it will be pretty cool to start the post with defining Hydrophobia.

So I googled to find a wacky line for Hydrophobia. And to my surprise I realized that Hydrophobia is something else. The actual term that I need to refer here is Aquaphobia. Thanks to StackExchange for the enlightenment. Here is the link if you want to read it for yourself. 

What is the difference between “Hydrophobia” and “Aquaphobia”?

OK then let’s focus on the actual topic.

Years ago, there lived a girl who was average smart and sharp. Born on the land sharing borders with the Arabian sea, beach visits were quite a regular for her. She would love to walk along the shore, sit back and watch the sunset. The Sea always called out to her but this girl smiled and waved from afar. Sometimes she did attempt to walk over and bridge the gap. The waves and the slow drifting sand beneath her feet scared her away.

Years passed by, she made several attempts to embrace the water which were almost futile.

Years later, one fine day she decided to get the Aquaphobia out of her blood, brain and spirit. She gathered courage and joined a swimming class. It was rough at the beginning. The waist deep water scared her to death. She got herself embarrassed by getting drowned in the shallow water several times. However over a period of time, things changed. The water was smooth for her now and she embraced it like a long gone friend. She swam in the water (not so deep as yet though) like a fish and never feared to try new experiments with it. Now hydrophobia  Aquaphobia is something that she had long long back.

So let me stop bragging about this girl and let her give some tips/guidelines that will help you turn the “have Aquaphobia” part to “had Aquaphobia”.

No. 1: Make a decision or rather have the urge to get past Aquaphobia.

No. 2: Erase all the past incidents of drowning or anything in water. Shift+Delete. You know what I mean?

No. 3:  Replace fear of water with love. Someone has said that “Love gives you the power to move mountains”. Well not technically but yeah for now let’s use this power to just slide into the water.

No. 4: Remember physics, our bodies have natural tendency to float if we just let it with no force.

No. 5: learn to let go of control and give it to the laws of physics but remember to keep your mouth closed while under water and to breathe out from your nose.

No. 6: learn from a friend or an instructor and get good at underwater breathing and standing in deep water. This will give you confidence that you can survive without getting drowned.

No. 7: When in water switch to your split personality who inhales with the mouth and exhales from the nose.

No. 8: Keep visiting the pool and never let past failures in water stop you.

No. 9:  Stop saying that! That you have Aquaphobia. Yes, that! Just stop you!

No. 10: Always see yourself swimming like fish whose home is water. Remember that the water will guide, love and support you always.

Reading the above list will help you however won’t make you a pro at swimming. For that you need to pick your butt up and jump in a pool! 

So, all the best and see you soon in a pool someday. Till then stay healthy, happy, wealthy and keep up with the Love.

keep calm and swim on

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