To the three that makes you one

In life, you will meet 3 types of people
Type 1: Above your standard
Type 2: Below your standard
Type 3: Totally your clan or your squad

When you cross paths with “Type 1”, always look up to them with adoration & respect. Never let envy fill up your mind. Observe and understand the “what”, “how” and “why” behind the things they do. See how it fits in your life, what value it will bring to you and accordingly inculcate these habits for your own good.

And oh yeah, do express your admiration and appreciation. Nothing boosts the confidence of a fellow individual more than a sincere appreciation 🙂

While you are all inspired and motivated upon meeting the “Type 1” here comes  a type 2. I ask you to have a lot of acceptance and patience in your heart, brain and blood. Look at them as your potential opportunity to share your knowledge and be kind enough to help them grow. And never ever see them with distrust and agony.

There will be instances, where this type 2 person is aware of his/her shortcomings. He/she has the desire to improvise and make life much better. Better said, is open to critics, feedback and most importantly open to change.

However you will also meet type 2 person who is not aware about his/her areas of improvement or is not keen in growing or not open to changes.

In either of the cases, respect the differences. Let the person take the growth at his/her own pace and choice.

Because at the end of the day, we cannot force growth and maturity on someone. It has to be learnt by personal experiences and at own willingness. Remember you can always cook food for someone but you cannot eat the food for someone.(pretty dumb example I believe!)

And here comes the best part of the blog post:

Type 3 person. Your own clan! Your matching squad! 😍
They are at your level, learning consistently from type 1, working on improvising themselves and always there to help the type 2 group. Your soul just jumps at the sight of such people! Your eyes are lit and you undeniably enjoy their company. These people are aware of where they stand, from where they have come and where they want to head. They seek guidance, feedback and are completely open to try new methods! 

So in this journey of life, you will keep shuffling between these 3 types as per other person’s perspective. For some, you might be the “OMG Type 1” who is so super perfect and ideal that they look up to you with pride!

For some, you will be the “Dumbass Type 2” who is good for nothing, who is just wasting the precious life.

For some, you will be the “My Soul mate Type 3” who will love you, share their wisdom with you, share their experiences and will always learn new things in your company.

My ADVICE! Never ever ever leave your clan! Stick to them while you are on this journey to move towards the “I Aspire to be Type 1” group.

P.S. I had been waiting for a week long to decide a title for this post. Then as always my “Title Maker” bestie Krishna came up with this title up there! Much love to him! Thank you.

So guys, until my next blog post, keep reading, writing, learning, gyming, singing, dancing and everything else that keeps your Soul alive! 😉

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