Your journey – your choices

Well before I start talking and leave you with just your ears open and mouth shut, let me ask you some basic questions first. Probably the only time YOU will speak 😉

So, did your parents decide your school or college or profession you choose?
Did your friend decide which color suits you?
Did peer pressure decide the kind of music you like or the movies that you watch?
Did you travel because others did, or because you loved to travel?
Did you travel to places you heart called out to? Or because social media posts told you to do so?

Well, though I did ask you those questions, I cannot really hear you right now, but I could read your messages or your comments right down there!

There may have been instances where your parents, siblings or friends took decisions on your behalf as you weren’t old enough, wise enough which is completely fine.

But if there were instances where others took decisions for you because you didn’t have the courage to speak for your own self, courage to pick what you want for yourself, courage to go against the rationale and do what you want, well then I have a lot more writing to do here and you have loads to read ahead!

We have One Life, 24 hours in a day, 2 days of weekend. And there is so much to discover, to experience and explore. So much to get inspired and to inspire and it will be a complete waste if you don’t fulfill your purpose here.

It is vital that you make your own choices, ofcrs with the guidance of the elder, experienced and wise people. But see that you decide where you want to go and your heart lies in the path you choose to walk.

If you don’t choose or explore you will never know the taste of the unknown adventure, the excitement of taking the road less traveled, the revealing mysteries, experimenting life and its infinite possibilities.

The infinite possibilities of life will open up when you decide to step out of your cocoon of comfort, open up your mind to the broadness of life ahead. Explore, implement, fail and repeat until failure teaches you a better way and not to “STOP”. Remember, ‘Failure’ is your biggest qualification 🙂

Do not listen to the small mouths, they know nothing about the big dreams and the joy of making them real.

Embrace the uncertainties, do not fear the unknown. The omnipotent force loves the fearless & enduring heart. It will guide you, so make your choices and keep moving, keep dreaming, keep working towards it and keep living 🙂


6 thoughts on “Your journey – your choices

  1. You give words to my feelings thanks ☺️…And you know, irony is if you try to explain this to anyone dey’ll certainly portray it as rebel or non- believer of family system,society and so…But that’s not the case.

  2. …that’s quite some worthy food for thought and inspiration to fight inner demons, before we step into the last quarter of the year 🙂

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