Speed Entry into 2020

Thanks to the amazing vacation and trips in and around Germany that kept me busy and moving around happily, it took the 31st night’s fireworks to ring the alarm in my head.I had not worked on my “Plan Trupti 2020” and it was the new year already. 4th Jan was the earliest  that I could start working on it, but better late than never, isn’t it?

One of the plan items were to be frequent in posting on my blog, so here I’m writing the first post of 2020. This post is also meant to make your see the new look of my blog as I did some minor revamping here 😉

For the past years I spent most of the time in creating content for the blog and for my life as well. However this year will be about organizing the content, structuring it and channeling it in a positive direction.

One aspect of implementing it is the 2 categories that you see in the blog’s menu; Articles & Poems. I had various vague categories on my blog: life, inspirational, philosophy, psychology, moving on, etc etc. I kept on adding them like #hashtags on Instagram. However, now I have cleared them all and put all the posts in 2 different boxes, Articles and Poetry, keeping it simple. Similar is the goal for this year 2020: A minimalist approach to life by removing the clutter from my physical and social circle in order to focus on the important aspects of my life.

Last Sunday the Minimalists gave me a  gentle nudge on my shoulder and asked “Hey buddy,do you remember us?” to which my response was “Oh boy! Hell ya!”

Rewinding back to 2017, I was in Pune. I came across the Minimalist concept which had me quite fascinated. The idea resonated with many of my own habits. Unconsciously I was already following a couple of their ideas. I certainly didn’t own as many clothes or shoes like most of my friends. I owned only what I really needed. I didn’t own a bed, a table or a cupboard. I made use of what was available at the shared apartments wherever I moved in. Thanks to my family’s financial situation in the previous years, we knew exactly how to manage with less and only buy-in the necessities. 

I accepted the minimalist lifestyle and started incorporating it into my life. Starting with my books. I had a lot of books which I had already read and had no mind to re-read them. I started exchanging those books with the local vendors for new books or pass them to any of my interested friends. I got rid of clothes, accessories, shoes, stationeries which were not used in the last 3-4 months. I deleted contacts from my phone, un-followed people on Instagram, exited dormant groups on Whatsapp. And after 5 years when I left Pune for good, I could pack my belongings in 2 big bags and leave. #GoalAchieved.

Fast forward to today. I need to take up the minimalist broom again and sweep my apartment and my life here in Germany, this is a part of my “Plan Trupti 2020”.

So, if you want to get inspired too, then visit the website: https://www.theminimalists.com/ to know about Minimalism and how to incorporate it into your life. For more visual inspiration watch their documentary https://www.theminimalists.com/films/.

Well, this is it for the first weekend of 2020. How are you spending your weekend? Are you all set with your new year resolutions or you are still working on it like me? Or rather, are you a non-believer of new year resolutions? Do let me know in the comments below.

Until then stay healthy, excited, creative and magnificent just like me! Adios.