Love is in the wait, love is in being hopeful


It is being wrapped passionately in the arms of your beloved.
Feeling every heartbeat and the warmth of the souls.
Love is sleeping next to your mum.
Love is in sharing the food with your friend.
Love is being together.

But love is sometimes more beautiful in being away and still connected soul to soul.
Love is in the longings, in the wait, in the hope that they will come home. They will come and embrace your heart like never before, they will make you so ecstatic that your life will rejoice like never before, it will be full of colors and compassion.

Love is in the heart of the aging mother waiting for the kids to return who are far gone to earn their living.

Love is in the heart of the kid waiting at the school gate for her father to come and pick her up.

Love is in the heart of the friend waiting at the airport for the flight to land, to see her friend come down and hug her tight.

Love is in the every leaf, every branch of this tree, awaiting for the sky to pour down the showers of love and bliss..Love is in the wait, love is in being hopeful.


One thought on “Love is in the wait, love is in being hopeful”

  1. You’ve described love in so many beautiful ways…

    …and yet, it is so damn difficult to sum up love. It’s beauty can only be felt, and perhaps words can never do justice 🙂

    Well written.


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